Web Design by O- Professional web site design services

We specialize in professional, affordable web design services.  It is our goal to produce a complete, integrated set of web pages customized for your needs.  We will consult with you and design a site which is artistically in tune with your needs and which provides the necessary information and links to accomplish your goals, without overwhelming your visitors with needless and confusing banners, ads and unrelated graphics and information.  We also take steps to insure that the site contains the necessary content to allow search engines to find and catalog your site.  After consultation, we will quote you a total cost and a completion time for the initial site design as well as our rates for future modifications.  You will always know, in advance, how much you are spending.

We are not in the business of web hosting, email, instant messaging, do-it-yourself web design or of providing internet access.  These things are best left to people who specialize on those services.

You will own the resulting site and be in able to contract those other service providers which best meet your needs.  If you desire we will suggest a hosting provider and help you arrange there services.  We will, of course, provide the publication of your site with the host of your choice, or teach you how to publish if you desire.